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The font "ST-Gaidar" named in the honour of Arkady Gaidar. He was a Soviet writer, whose stories were very popular among Soviet children, and a Red Army commander. He died in combat fighting with German nazis in 1941. Few generations of Soviet kids are raised on his books and a number of films were made based on his stories. This font inspired by posters, movie titles and book covers of this writer. The letterforms are bold and gnarly and comes in 2 styles: uppercase and small caps. It has LATIN and Extended Eastern Europe CYRILLIC letters. "ST-Gaidar" created for titles, poster design, web design, branding and packaging works, illustrations, badges and other typography works. Pls, don't use it for for typing large arrays of text.

ST Gaidar supports 15+ languages: Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Macedonian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian, Ukrainian and probably others )


Uppercase, small caps, numbers, basic punctuation. It includes: TTF + OTF + EOT + SVG + WOFF + WOFF2

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